What I do?
- Sculpting
- Modeling Character/Props
- Motion Capture Cleanup/Edit

- 3 years work on Motion Capture Studio (Mocap session, cleanup data, motion edit, team work)
- 2 years Freelance work (Model for game, Mocap edit)

My Comercial Project:

Gilfor Trailer, Sodigital (Motion Capture Technician)
Pepsi TV AD, Platige Image (Motion Capture Technician)
Biskupin, Madwands Media (Modeler)
Altum, Sointeractive (Motion Capture Technician)
Mocap Face Rig, Sointeractive (Motion Capture Technician/MotionEditor/Rigging)
Tango Dance, Sointeractive (Motion Capture Technician/MotionEditor/Rigging)
Nail'd Game, Techland (Motion Capture Technician)
Hellion: The Mystery od Inquisition Game, Flying Fish Works (Motion Capture Technician)
Call of Juarez - The Cartel Game, Techland (Motion Capture Technician)
Dead Island Game, Techland (Motion Capture Technician)
Grimlands Game, Drago Entertainment (Motion Capture SuperVisor)
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Game, City Interactive (Motion Capture SuperVisor)
Polish Presidenscy in European Union, (Motion Capture SuperVisor)
Move your Imagination: Przyroda, Kultura, Euro 2012, Platige Image (Motion Capture SuperVisor)
The Wither 2: Assassins of Kings - Cinematic, Platige Image (Motion Capture SuperVisor)
Another Day of Life Trailer - Platige Image (Motion Capture SuperVisor)